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We are a home grown organization that still believes in remaining small.  We have one team at each age level as that allows us to truly develop your players to the best of their ability.  You are not a number on your TShirt  - We know all our kids and are effective in developing a true sense of community in which kids learn the benefits as working as a team and celebrating successes as a group.


We have a great staff who not only has a love of the game, but a strong desire to develop your player to their greatest potential both on and off the field.  Our perspective is rooted in a progressive learning style and an innovative philosophy. We incorporate feel and position techniques, which are based on real movement.  At the end of the day, why us? Because you invest your money in academy to develop your son, not just get them reps, you can do that. Our instructors have broken down the mechanics of baseball's elite MLB player's from an analytical style at 240-frames-per-second. and will do the same for your athlete.  Feel is first, but the body's bio-mechanics are not an afterthought. Our bodies are built to be different within variation, so we won't be building assembly-line mechanics. However, the human body is built the same way in design. This means we have strong and weak positions that are very much alike. We teach the athlete to feel these positions so he can understand his body. This will allow your son to own his mechanics, body actions and successes.



We believe involvement in our programs can be instrumental in the development of our athletes both on and off the field. We pride ourselves on excellent instruction, as well as equipping our athletes with the great live skills including — sportsmanship, respect, self confidence.  We have a track record of collegiate athletes started who are valuable members to their programs both and and off the field.  More importantly, they are great men contributing to life and their community in a positive fashion.

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