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2024 Tryout FAQs

When will Rosters be named and how will I know if I made the Roster?

  • Rosters will be named in late July depending on your tryout date. You will be contacted by the Program Director or Coach via a phone call.  Upon notification, you will be asked to provide a $ deposit to secure your spot.  This deposit can be done in the form of an online payment or a check in the mail.

How large do you roster a team?

  • Generally speaking, rosters can run anywhere from 11-14 @ 14 and down
    and up to 16 players @15 up, but that includes pitcher only players. 

How many teams do you have at each age level.

  • We usually roster 1 team per age.  If we think we can be competitive and recruit enough players we may consider creating 2 teams.  Our 2024 season was the first season that we had 2 teams at a youth age and a travel High School age.

When do practices begin and what is the frequency?

  • Practices will begin at the end of October / beginning of November.  These practices will be one day a week usually on Sundays to avoid conflicts with players that play winter sports.  We offer other training opportunities during the week and encourage players to be throwing at least 2 – 3 days a week.

  • For the youth program (non high school players) we will continue to practice thru the whole off season at our indoor facility thru March and attempt to get outside for practices early April if weather is permitting.  High School players we do stop practices Mid March to avoid conflict with High School baseball. 

  • We do have an ALL CLUB meeting at the end of September to start sharing expectations for development, weight training opportunities, and nutrition.


What is the financial commitment?

  • We have a pricing sheet which can be provided and will be sent along when you are given an official offer.  We do have a payment schedule and do accept payments via credit cards or check.  Fees cover operational costs of running an indoor facility, coaches, umpire fees, and tournaments fees

What is not included in my fees?

  • You will be responsible for purchasing your uniform.  This cost has ranged approximately $250 dollars as we have 3 – 4 jerseys and 2 - 3 different pants.  The good news is that we do not change uniforms year to year, so you are often only incurring this cost the first year you join our Brew State Community.  Uniform order happens at the end of October.  We will survey all players to see if we can accommodate their jersey number of choice.

What leagues do you play in and when do they start and end?

  • For our Youth ages, we do assess talent and will join a league, all likely WBA.  This season starts early April and runs thru Mid July with a league tournament at the end.  League games are playing during the week and we will have approximately 18 – 20 league games

How many tournaments do they play in a season?

  • U12 – U14 will play approximately 8 – 10 tournaments.  Tournaments will begin as soon as early April and run until late July.  We do at least 1 or 2 tournaments on the road which may include an event at Omaha during the College World series, Field of Dreams, Appleton or Iowa.

  • U15 – U17 will play approximately 6 tournaments.  Tournaments will begin in Mid June and run until Late July.  We do try and avoid starting too early for High School players because we don’t want to find yourself in a position of having to choose between your playoff opportunities and travel ball.  This is one thing we find unique with our program is we feel its important to still be contributing to your High School season until the end.

What is the travel commitment?

  • U12 – U14 may play 2 tournament in the season that would require travel to IL , IA or NE.  These can be PBR and/or Perfect Game events

  • U15 – most tournaments are played within 3 – 4 hours driving distance with several tournaments done locally in SE Wisconsin.  For traveling, most tournaments are played within 3 – 4 hours driving distance  usually PBR and/or Perfect Game tournaments.

  • U16 – U17 – Several Wisconsin tournaments and several Midwest tournaments.  All tournaments are drivable with locations including TN, OH, MI, MO and IA.  The exception may be Georgia but we have to wait to see how the schedule lines up are done by Perfect Game, PBRs, Bullpen, and Creekside to determine where we all end up.

Is playing time equal or guaranteed?

  • Playing time is not guaranteed.  Playing time is based off of player performance.

Do you have parent coaches in the program?

  • A:  For U15s and up, there are professional coaches.  For U12 - U14 the coaches have been either a current of previous college player or a vetted coach that goes through the Brew State interview process.  In addition, coaches had to complete a specific curriculum and coaches clinic.  Through experience, we have realized that some parents that are passionate about the development of players have successfully gone through the clinic and are more energetic and invested in the team.

Fall Ball

  • Once we have all the offer letters accepted, we do survey families to see who is interested in Fall ball.  Some years we have had a lot of football players and not enough interest to competitively field a team to play in fall.  If we have enough interest, we will hold a practice schedule 2 days a week as long as we can outdoors and possibly do 1 or 2 tournaments.  If needed we may combine ages (13 / 14), (15/16) to make teams if need be. 

Why you should consider Brew State

We think we have a pretty strong and cool culture going on at Brew State.  Our coaches have a knack for developing the players as a whole and we celebrate successes as a team.  Some things we think we are unique at

  • We encourage focused weight training / development to make for stronger players

  • We talk about nutrition / sleep and the importance this has on developing players

  • We focus on mental player develop including meditation and how to control you approach to the game

  • We co-mingle ages at times to have older players help younger players. 

  • We have active college players that drop in during their winter break and work out with the kids in the program.  This kids also offer a talk to parents to let them know about their college experience which may help shed a light on what can happen at the next level

  • Our Owner / Director is actively involved in practices and player development yet.

  • Our staff has a love of the game and wants your kid to enjoy the game as well.  We are small enough yet that they will know every kid by name and know what they are working on to become a better player. 

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