Not Your Typical Baseball Academy

Our perspective is rooted in a progressive learning style and a innovative philosophy. We incorporate feel and position techniques, which are based on real movement.  Our instructors have dissected the mechanics of baseball's elite MLB player's from an analytical style at 60-frames-per-second. Feel is first, but the body's bio-mechanics are not an afterthought. Our bodies are built to be different within variation, so we won't be building assembly-line mechanics. However, the human body is built the same way in design. This means we have strong and weak positions that are very much alike. We will teach you to feel these strong positions so you can understand your baseball movements. This will allow you to own your mechanics, body actions and successes. 


Using as many of the  athlete's own senses (feel, sight, mind - 6th sense)  is key to them understanding and being able to make quick mechanical adjustments and transitions. This is why we offer analytical camps that will teach feel, but incorporate video analysis. This allows the athlete to see their successes and misteps first hand, making it easier to feel what they are doing.   Vision is vital to having success in the game of baseball and  the player's mindset is imperative to the successes in life and sport. The mind is the processing center that allows the sensory input to be calibrated and executed, so its training in speed and mental capacity is the cohesive part which makes a good athlete vs. an elite one.    That is why we will incorporate specific training, as well as offer camps, group and private instruction in these areas.



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