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Not Your Typical Baseball Academy

#1 in Player Development

We believe in player development first and foremost. We study skill acquisition and all the best in the game. Our perspective is rooted in the past but has a progressive learning style and an innovative philosophy.  Brew State prides itself in being the number 1 academy in the state of Wisconsin dedicated to player development. We use many different feels and technologies that the MLB and high level colleges are using to help aid feel. It's our belief that investing time into continuing education for our coaches and investing money in technology is necessary for the best interest and growth of our athletes. We ask our young men to have a growth mindset and that starts with our coaching staff practicing what they preach. Reinvesting in our kids, is at the root of our philosophy in player development.. Many academies are predominantly rep based, with the philosophy of "letting the cream rise". It's easier to just do what you've done in the past. Learning new ideas and tech is hard and takes time. But it's our contention that this often leads to some of the best athletes waiting for the others to catch up or their coach not getting them what they need. This is actually stagnating their growth, if your son has elite talent it's important he gets elite coaching. If the MLB and top colleges are using it why shouldn't your kid? Our development does more than just "let the cream rise", it allows all of our athletes no matter the kids skill level to have their growth accelerated. Nothing should be standard for everyone, rather it should be customized to where your son is currently in his development. 

Over the last five years we've invested in going to OnBaseu a leader in both movement screening of athletes and video analysis. We've also been out to Driveline in Kent, Washington. Our lead instructor has studied under Justin Stone the Cubs Hitting coordinator. We are always going to continuing education clinics whether it is Major League Hitting Clinics, ABCA or many other places to continue to learn with and from other passionate baseball people that are life long learners.


We have technologies that many of the Nations top D1 programs and MLB clubs use and would make others jealous. We use tech such as HitTrax (hitting analytic reports) Rapsodo (pitch reports), Boditrak (ground force), Blast Motion (swing analytics), K-vest & 4D (kinematic sequence reports). This gives us a much better understanding of what the athlete is doing rather then just guessing. Sometimes the eye can have bias, especially from an aesthetics point of view. Hunter Pence a two time world champion comes to mind when talking eye bias. Tech doesn't substitute for a knowledgeable coach, it's a tool that makes him better.  


At the end of the day, why us? Because you invest your money in academy to develop your son, not just get them reps, you can do that. Our instructors have broken down the mechanics of baseball's elite MLB player's from an analytical style at 240-frames-per-second. and will do the same for your athlete.  Feel is first, but the body's bio-mechanics are not an afterthought. Our bodies are built to be different within variation, so we won't be building assembly-line mechanics. However, the human body is built the same way in design. This means we have strong and weak positions that are very much alike. We teach the athlete to feel these positions so he can understand his body. This will allow your son to own his mechanics, body actions and successes. 


Help an athlete think and feel you will have a player that soon will be their own best coach!

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